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location:  nevada city, ca

email:  jahsiahcelestialroots


phone:  707-280-9300  

website:  www.jahsiah.com


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one becomes all

BIO:  Jahsiah Jacobs

The course of Jahsiah's life... 


underwent a massive shift relatively early in life, when he went through a series of mystical experiences, which shattered his beliefs, broke him out of standardized worldviews, and excellerated his awakening process. At that point, his creative abilities began to increase and poetic messages of collective relevance began to pour through, and a more conscious remembrance of his soul's purpose began to re-awaken. His effort to integrate these experiences has led him both deep within, and around the world, to places such as the high Himalayas, where he traveled and studied. Though he is very far from perfect, he strives to integrate and embody the light that he has contacted, and to convey it through music.  He is continuing to expand on the path of sharing his message, impacting listeners from all around the world, on a deep soul level. "It's the message that's important, don't praise me personally. Change starts from within and then within the community. Victory of the Light, standing in unity!" 


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