lyric book:  one becomes all



= Warriors of the Light =


Warriors of the Light! Warriors of the Light!

Warriors of the Light! Warriors of the Light!


Verse 1:

Many religions say to find the divine inside

And many traditions say that now is the time prophesized

We're in a worldwide crisis, no one can deny

Natural disasters and extinct species on the rise


Corporations are poisoning pure water worldwide

And the system protects racist police who brutalize

I feel humanity’s pain and hear the earth's cries

And stand in solidarity with indigenous tribes


See the truth of my soul shining through my eyes

Which penetrates through corruption and lies

You are a child of the Most High my sisters and brothers

No matter race, religion, gender or color


Sometimes I wonder, will the masses awaken in time?

As the shadow government commits horrendous crimes

We need a counsel of elder women running the world

Cuz we inherit the earth from future boys and girls


Verse 2:

Look at the world that you've left us, I hear the youths say

And now our freedoms are in danger, so do your part today

I'll spit fire till I'm imprisoned, killed, or MIA

So hackivists, hit the computers of the CIA!


Extract classified data that's been hidden away

So scientists can bring free energy to the world stage

And activists, organize resistance movements, no play

Remind these tyrants that we the people have a say


I burn sage and pray for protection from angelic legions

Because threats against free speech are now in season

I see through the false leaders that the masses believe in


They would prefer if you were hypnotized,

pacified, unquestioning of their lies

And if you dare think otherwise…

a terrorist in their eyes..

We have to rise and be united,

The flame of love ignited

The light within is One and it cannot be divided!


Verse 3:

I offer cedar to the fire, and pray for justice and peace

Grandfather, we don't want their pipeline, let the violence cease

Take that money and give the hungry something to eat

But politicians won't listen, the corruption’s too deep


So let these words speak for the voiceless meek

Uplifting the souls who seek and comforting those who weep

Because a shift in consciousness is within our reach

A new heaven and a new earth the prophets preached


I see suppressed technologies finally being released

And the collective consciousness shall make a quantum leap

I feel our hearts synchronizing to a single beat

As we respect each belief in both west and east


I pray to lead some lost souls back to the divine

By sowing seeds of wisdom in the mind of mankind

All my creations microcosms of the grand design

Living empowered from the heart as the spirit’s light shines!


Verse 4:

So whose life will you touch?

What suffering will you lift?

With devoted discipline you can unlock your gifts!

What principles and qualities do you exemplify?

Will you fall into old patterns or will you rise?


How will you uplift your community and tribe?

What will you leave behind that's bigger than yourself when you die?

How will you inspire the next generations' mind?

And what unjust laws will you choose to defy?


We must resist injustice in the name of the Most High!

We must protect Pachamama if we are to survive

We choose the new paradigm the future's in our eyes!

I see the birth of a new earth

where love shall thrive!


= Love =







Verse 1:

Baby I don’t need a thing, I’m complete and whole

Yeah I’ll lift you to the heights when you’re feeling low

And you’re asking me to stay, but I’m choosing to go

Cuz im the type of man that likes to takes things slow


I see the light in your soul and your heart I’ll hold

And let the tension build till your juices explode

Yes I’ll be responsible with this tongue of gold

Because my hearts’ integrity can’t be bought or sold


Our love flows as the Light radiates inside

And you’re moving up closer to be by my side

Looking into the depths of each others eyes

As we rise into the Kingdom of the Most High



Verse 2:

And like the sun over the ocean our love will shine,

As we walk along the beach losing track of time

Brother hawk flies overhead and his call reminds,

It’s such a blessing when two kindred spirits align


And a love like this is such a rare find

But it takes a leap of faith to leave the past behind

Now is the time to let your heart shine freely,

Cuz I can feel Her calling out to me!


Yeah our chemistry is deep, there’s so much to explore

But I support your wisdom, what do you feel in your core?

If it’s yummy, let’s take flight to the other shore!

I pour light into your chakras from root to crown


And we laugh as we ride with the windows down

Deep breath of mountain breeze on the way to town

And then to cities worldwide, my music’s breaking new ground

All we got is each other in this moment right now


Verse 3:


Pure intentions when approaching our ancient connection

Two tantrikas uniting teaching each other lessons

High consciousness and bliss, multi-orgasmic sessions

High voltage currents unlocking our souls’ divine expression


Kundalini serpents spiraling in the upward direction

Visions of ancient codes, which leave deep soul impressions

Hearing angelic tones, which open mystic blessens’

Overflowing love in this Union of the highest expression



= Grandfather Fire =


Grandfather Fiyah raising us higha!

Ancient Wisdom rising up from Mother Gaia!

Grandfather Fiyah raising us higha!

Ancient Wisdom rising up from Mother Gaia!


Verse 1:

Bowing myself to Mother Earth as far as I can

I Am humbled to the core so I may understand,

the Esoteric Wisdom of the Ancient Plan

Receiving Inspiration from the Angels of the land


All are One in the Light and forever we shall be

Time to transmit the Ageless Wisdom to humanity

May we shine the light of soul through the heart and mind

Entering into the Presence beyond the realm of time


Let every breath remind that the Divine is always here

Behind thoughts and emotions, the pure light shines clear

From the Kingdom of Zion revelations flow in

The time has arrived the Light Forces shall win



Verse 2:

Sending love to the children of the next generation

Ancient souls in young bodies transmitting a new vibration

Of every color, in every nation, they are taking incarnation

We have come to prepare the awakened population!


Shifting hearts and minds into the new paradigm

that has been long prophesized since ancient times

The Spirit of the Most High eternally shines

within every being through heart, soul, and mind


Kundalini unwinds from the base the spine

Spiraling up through the chakras to the center of the mind

Sacred nectar releases from the pineal gland

Nourishing all the chakras and their light expands


From the depths of stillness there comes a sacred song

And I praise Most High Creator within and beyond

I heard the Angels sound the trumpets over babylon

And woke up to see the dawn of a New Aeon!



Verse 3:

Within the grace of Spirit, I Am one with all Life

Weaving energy into form with the words I write

From the darkness of the void there emerge rays of light

I’m enveloped in Thy Glorious Presence & Thy Might


Thunderbeings descended from the heights, emanating luminous lightning strikes

Upgrading the vibrations of my cells with cosmic light

Oh children of the earth, the trials have just begun

And light warriors will bring the truth until the light has won


I see the dawn light rays of the sixth sun rising

It’s energies are p0uring thru, the shadows’ purifying

Soulfire is uprising, Soulfire is uprising

Kundalini Shiva Shakti through the crown, I’m flying!



= Hallelu Jah =


Hallelu Jah! Hallelu Jah! Hallelu Jah! Hallelu Jahdess!


Verse 1:
Praising up Jah, Jah the Most High  (Em, D)
Within and all around I and I  (Em, D)
Who lifts our consciousness to the sky
Jah Mighty Presence lives inside

I Am sending Divine Love far and wide
Transforming darkness with Cosmic Light
Jah raises our hearts into the Heights
Giving the shield of the warrior and the sword of light

Jah shines through this vessel into the world
Awakening the star seed boys and girls
God Goddess is in all of us, understand
That you can move mountains with the Mighty I Am

I Am here, I Am now, I Am everywhere
I Am earth, fire, water, pure prana, and the air
Piercing through illusion with the inner sight
I Am ascending to new heights of love and light

From babylon we rise to the Promised Land  (2x)
Guided by the blueprint of the Divine Plan


Verse 2:

Jah’s Light is outpouring streaming through the inner eye

In every single soul Jah’s divine love abides

Jah Almighty, Holy Spirit, lives in I & I

One Heart, One Spirit, One Universal Mind


In every single cell the Pure Consciousness shines

Through the world of form to the realms beyond time

From the root up through the chakras along the spine

With the Universal Power I Am aligned


I Am the Alpha and Omega of linear time

Purify your body temple to be My holy shrine

We are One, eternally, I come here to remind

Your separation, from Divinity, is an illusion of the mind


Jah is here, Jah is now, Jah is the all-pervading Life

I Am opening my being as a channel of the Light

I surrender, completely, and Jah Spirit takes flight

I give praise, to the Most High, within and in the heights!


= Looking in your Eyes =


Looking in your eyes and the vibe is electrifying

Love is in the air and the spark in our hearts are aligning

You’re the one for me the soul family for which I’ve been searching

And I’ll give you that love which your heart has been deeply yearning

The stars are shining and the flames of the fire are dancing

The candle’s burning and you’re wanting my sacred romancing

Kundalini rising, yeah Goddess I know you missed me

And I’ll keep it going till we’re both in pure ecstasy!


Verse 1:

This is a succulent song I wrote just for you

To let you know how much I want to be with you

Yes its true, its true, I’m far from perfect

But take a chance, take a risk, it would be worth it


I could assist you in living your highest purpose

Picture opening our minds, and taking to the sky

Conquering the world, baby you and I

I just want to express the way I feel


Cuz this aint passing thang baby this is real

You’re a Goddess from your mind all the way to your soul

And that’s reflected by your body from head to toe

And you’re too humble to admit it but deep down you know

Yeah, electric sensations is the feeling I git

I’m hypnotized by your eyes and your humorous wit

Hours pass by like minutes even if we just kick it

Now here’s the truth love, I’m not scared to commit


Verse 2:

Both wisdom and passion are present in our chemistry

As we reflect divine love like the sun on the sea

Sometimes the pain of humanity weighs me down

But underneath there’s a peace which is profound


And when I’m ground, you’re there to lift me up

With your heart wide open, saying soldier get up

I can’t thank you enough for always being there

Our energies are magnetized, for your heart I deeply care


Deep into my eyes you like to stare

Your lips meet mine as I caress your hair

I would prefer it slow before we take it to the bed

But your seductive words are boldly inviting an alternative


Verse 3:

The candle dances in an ambience of intimacy

As our hearts create a unified field of energy

Consciously breathing kundalini up the spine

Which releases sacred nectar from the center of the mind


Looking deep into your soul, I see the Goddess shine

Yeah, this is sacred union of the new paradigm

Calling in my soul mate from the realms above

So we can heal the world with the power of love!



= Tantric Bind=


Pheromones in the air as the stars align

And you synchronize your breath with mine

I feel electric heat flow up my spine

As light pulsates into our minds

In a non-dual state beyond space and time

Unified by the bliss of this tantric bind

Becoming one with all, soaring toward divine

Soaring toward divine!


Verse 1:

Her appearance reflects her inner shine

Her vocabulary compliments her brilliant mind

And whenever we're together I lose track of time

And the connection that we share is of an ancient kind


Pure energy is spiraling through me and you,

As we eye gaze and breathe in unison too

Raw honesty is opening our hearts with ease

As pure presence sets the tone of intimacy


Yes I honor both your strength and your delicacy

And see your wisdom in the timeless feminine mysteries

You’re like the lock for my key, this must meant to be

Heart open as your moving up close me


With your head on my chest just holdin’ me

Now let’s remind this lost world how love’s supposed to be

I feel time stop as our eyes meet

No one talks but our hearts speak


Verse 2:

And like two magnets being drawn to each other, we hop on one another, Cuz this bond is beyond, what we comprehend. Make amends with the strong

onset of heat, as we reach the sheets, our heartbeats increase as we go underneath the clothes that show on the street

And my heart you keep! 

Strength and purity greet when we meet in the nude

Sacred love is redeemed by the way we move

Serene look in your eyes and our love is True

Separation dissolves, Oneness flows through

Me and you on the same team, better than I dreamed

Tears fall from your eyes in blissful streams,

As we surrender to the magic of our magnetism

Me and you as we move into the rhythm

And you’ve given me your heart and I’ll keep it safe

I serve the fountain of the Goddess make no mistake

Time to heal the second chakra of the human race


Verse 3:

You and me, with true love bonding us

Got me on the cusp of ecstasy

And we lose track of time when we toss it up

Make love and hold each other till the sun come up

Now you know what’s up…

Honoring your body temple I’m a man to trust

Kundalini flowing freely with this tantric thrust

And we rise up to cloud nine

The loud sounds of her whine

are permeating sweet sensations

through every cell of my body and mind

As we divinely bind and interlace in an eternal embrace

Hotter than an inferno the way you circulate your waist and set the pace

I get taste of heavenly bliss each time we kiss

Many peaks we reach as we turn and twist!



= One Becomes All =


One becomes All, All returns to One 

We are all Light Rays originating from the Sun

From the Formless Source comes all

That exists in physical manifestation


Verse 1:

Drinking Nectar from a Holy Grail  

I inhale and exhale and let life prevail

I witness the cycles, the breath of the earth

The high tide, the low tide, death and rebirth


I Am abiding in the Presence of the One

Emanating a force field from the Inner Sun 

Light waves are pulsating from the Central Source

Activating my Spirit with a Mighty Force



Verse 2:

Eternal Father, Infinite Mother

I see your Light shine through my sisters and brothers

I Am the stillness at the depth of Thy Ocean

I Am the waves crashing perpetually in motion


I Am all that Is and all that shall be

I Am the play of form dancing through Eternity

I Am a human, I Am pure Being

Seeing through the eyes of the Oversoul this life has new meaning


Let all see, let all hear, with the Mystic Eye, with the Mystic Ear

For the Mighty Angels of the Merkabah are arriving here

Revealing the Vision through the Music from the Higher Spheres

Through all creation the Light of the One is shining pure and clear  (2x)


= Following the Omens =

Verse 1:

Following the omens, guided by the signs

Into the pure land where the white light shines

In every form, in everyone

Illuminated by the Holy Central Sun

We walk this road so that all may come

Beyond the veils of our egos we exist as one

And all hearts’ beat synchronistically

In the bliss and the love of the Mystery

I feel the Light within shining brilliantly

The same Light shines within all humanity

On the wings of the phoenix we begin to fly

Into the sacrificial fire that dissolves the I


So there’s no more you, there’s no more me

Like rivers we converge in the Infinite Sea


The thousand petaled lotus is within our heart

Its’ petals are opening revealing the divine spark

The three-fold flame of love is spiraling and rising

Like wind on the hawks’ wings, into oneness we are flying



= Raising the Vibration =


Raising the vibration through irie meditation

Sending waves of Jah Love to all people and all nations

Raising the vibration through irie meditation

Sending waves of Jah Love to all people and all nations


All people and all nations, all people and all nations!

All people and all nations, all people and all nations!



Verse 1:

Raising the vibration, mantras ignite the flame,

which lift and shift our consciousness into the timeless plane

Seeing through the ego’s games, dis-identifying from its stories

Abiding in Thy Presence and Thy Eternal Glory


Transcending the illusions of self created pain

Kundalini rising to the center of the brain

I prayed up to the heavens and the Cosmic Master came

I am humbled by Thy Power and praise Thy Holy Name


Thy Vibration pervades all planes of existence

Merging our awareness with the Eternal Witness

Light warriors in all nations are awakening the population

Channeling currents of Light as the Earth raises in vibration!


Verse 2:

Everywhere I go, I Am led by the Truth

Even when in Babylon I can feel my roots

As they reach down deep into the soil of my soul

To the place of unity with every being on this globe


I feel the glow of the Divine as energy spirals up the spine

Radiating brilliant shine as our hearts become aligned

And as the masculine and feminine within intertwine

Our souls are combined like the leaf and sacred vine

To create medicine for the children of mankind


In the Presence of the heart, through self-enquiry I find

The Light within all form, the eternal within time

And upon the rock of faith with my staff in hand

I break self created binds with the truth I AM!

And with this knowing of our Essence our potential expands

Love is our guide on the path to the Promised Land



= Rise Up High =

Verse 1:


Free spirited woman, free spirited man 

Oh children of Jah won’t you take my hand?

As we co-create the prophesized promised land

And it starts within our hearts can you overstand?


Upon the sound waves our souls are taking flight

Being raised by Jah Love into the heights

Behold the glory of Jah Almighty’s Light

Which is awakening the gift of mystic sight




Singing thanks and praise to the All-Mighty One 

Who lives within and shines through all creation  (2x)


So rise up high, expand your heart out wide

Dissolving the illusion of separation

Rise up high, expand your heart out wide

Now is the time for unification

Rise up high, expand your heart out wide

For this is the time of living revelation

Rise up high, expand your heart out wide

Returning to the rhythm of the soul’s vibration


Returning to the rhythm of the soul’s vibration

Returning to the rhythm of the soul’s vibration

Returning to the rhythm of the soul’s vibration

Returning to the rhythm of the soul’s vibration



Verse 2:


So come one, come all

All for one, and one for all

We'll stand together till Babylon fall

We'll bring the Truth till Babylon fall


And babylon will fall!

For the Most High rules all!

The Divine Presence abides in all!


Oh Jah! You are the only true liberation

Raise us up to a new vibration

Sending my Love out to the children

With pure intentions we are livin' (2x)


(Rise Up High Chorus)


And I give my heart to you

And to my Highest Self I will be true

Jah my soul belongs to you

And to my Highest Self I will be true


Jah, I give my mind to You

To use as a sacred tool

Shine the Light of Your Pure Spirit through

The Divine Will, I pray to do


And here and now I choose

To surrender to You

It is my will that Thy Will be done

On earth as it is in heaven


Through our words and every action

And within our hearts and minds

The Light of Zion always shines

And within our hearts and minds

The Light of Zion always shines